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The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has been established as a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws.
The committee is committed to provide pollution free environment to the people of state. The committee has undertaken various studies of underground water, soil and air to take remedial steps to control pollution.

   Frequently Asked Questions:-
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Ques  1:Which are the Conforming Industrial Areas in Delhi?
Ques  2: Who is eligible for obtaining consent?
Ques  3:Who is eligible for obtaining consent in notified non-conforming clusters?
Ques  4:Where do I go and during which hours?
Ques  5: Are applications forms priced?
Ques  6:From where I will obtain the form?
Ques  7:Which papers/documents/fee, do I take with me?
Ques  8: What will be the Criteria used while deciding my case?
Ques  9:When will I get a response?
Ques 10:Are the consent to Establish/Operate granted in non-conforming areas. if not why?
Ques 11: We are not a water polluting/air polluting industrial unit. Do we need to apply for consent with DPCC?
Ques 12: I am involved in trading activity. Do I need to apply for consent?
Ques 13: From where can I get the effluent/emission/noise discharged/emitted from my unit monitored?
Ques 14: I have an office and have installed a D.G. Set. Do I need to take consent from DPCC?
Ques 15: I have a warehouse. Do i need to consent from DPCC?