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The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has been established as a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws.
The committee is committed to provide pollution free environment to the people of state. The committee has undertaken various studies of underground water, soil and air to take remedial steps to control pollution.

   Download Forms:-
S.No File Name
1. New Fees Structure for Orange and Green Consent Form
2. Consent Form - Orange Category
3. Consent Form - Green Category
4. Hazardous Waste Management, Rules, 2016
(i) Application for HWM Authorization [Form-1]
(ii) Performa for Undertaking
(iii) Display board format
(iv) Format for Maintaining Records [Form-3]
(v) Form for Annual Returns [Form-4]
(vi) Application for Import or Export [Form-5]
(vii) Transboundary Movement Document [Form-6]
5.(i) Registration Under Plastic Waste(M&H) Rules 2011
(ii) Authorisation Under Delhi Plastic Bag Rules [Form 'A']
6. Bio Medical Waste Rules, 2016
(i) Application prescribed format for Authorisation Health Care Units [Form-II]
(ii) Undertaking format for Authorisation Health Care Units [Form-II]
(iii) Annual Report for HCF or CBWTF [Form-IV]
(iv) Application for Appeal [Form-V]
7.(i) Appeal under Water Cess Act, 1977 [ Form -I]
(ii) Appeal under Water Cess Act, 1977 [Form - II]
(iii) Cess Return Format [Form I]
8. Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules : Forms & Schedules